Bacon, Swiss Chard, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps

Swiss Chard, Bacon, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps |

Fall is the season for slow braised meats, sauce basted roasts, and butter seared chops. It’s the time when we layer in loose sweaters and chunky scarves, and when we start to care a little bit less about the size of our waistline. I’m guilty as charged. I’ve told you guys once or twice before…… 

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Preparing Fall & Winter Vegetables

Preparing Fall Vegetables |

If you’re anything like me and you have taste buds and a heart, fall produce is your favorite time of year. (Yes, I realize that doesn’t make sense. But it’s exactly what I meant to say.) Autumn brings us a bounty of incredible vegetables including sweet and savory hard squashes, versatile cauliflower, sweet potatoes, dark… 

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