Super Savory Sautéed Spinach

Super Savory Sautéed Spinach |

I need to tell you something. (Something else…) For me, 2016 has been the year of leafy green obsession. Every single night I’m sautéing or steaming or chopping up some Brussels sprouts, kale, swiss chard, or spinach. If I don’t get my leafy green fix, I get grumpy and bored until I can stuff some… 

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An Auto-Immune Paleo Thanksgiving

Roasted Roots & Fruits |

As anyone who follows the paleo or auto-immune paleo diet knows, the holidays can be a tough time. Finding delicious holiday recipes made of whole foods that don’t use any dairy, gluten and grains, or nightshades this time of year can be a struggle, especially if you have family members who aren’t paleo or AIP…. 

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Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Capers, & Lemon Zest

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Capers, & Lemon Zest |

These are not your mama’s Brussels sprouts. And by that I mean no offense to your mama. But if the Brussels sprouts you ate as a child were anything like the ones I ate, these sprouts right here are worlds different. These Brussels sprouts are cooked in bacon fat with crispy bacon bits until they’re browning, caramelized,… 

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Roasted Roots & Fruits

Roasted Roots & Fruits |

Today on StrictlyDelicious we’re channeling Burger King. Not because we’re showing you how to make delicious, juicy burgers, although we are all about the burgers here. Today we’re channeling Burger King because you can have it your way. (Or maybe I should channel my inner TI “sayin’ you can have whatever you liiiike…”) This perfectly savory… 

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Loaded Rutabaga Fries

Loaded Rutabaga Fries via StrictlyDelicious

WHEW! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted this week! Between packing, moving, cleaning the old space, and working to just begin the process of unpacking… on top of your regularly scheduled busy, pre-holiday weeks at work and regular social activities, your girl has been swamped and exhausted. I mean, I’ve actually lived… 

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Braised Artichoke with Blender Hollandaise

Braised Artichoke with Blender Hollandaise via StrictlyDelicious

At heart, I’m really just a kid in an adult body. Which I’m convinced is the best way to be, because it means I get to color AND drink a glass of wine at the same time. It means I don’t have to ask my parents before using my money to go crazy in a… 

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Asiago Cheddar Zucchini Au Gratin

Asiago Cheddar Zucchini Au Gratin via StrictlyDelicious

Alternatively titled “Unbelievably Cheesy Zucchini Au Gratin.” Alternatively titled “Decadent Zucchini Au Gratin that is worth tears of joy.” I might have wept tears of joy when I first tried this. I also might have struggled not to eat the entire pan in one blessed, blessed sitting.

Caribbean Sticky Rice

Caribbean Sticky Rice via StrictlyDelicious

Every now and then my body gets an aching for Caribbean food. I think it’s my Cuban blood that just needs the bright, spicy flavors and lush, sunny fruits. Or maybe my culinary soul just has the good sense enough to enjoy a good jerk chicken! Whatever the reason, midweek I found myself with a serious craving… 

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