Pasta Cacio e Pepe with Bay Scallops

Pasta Cacio e Pepe with Bay Scallops via StrictlyDelicious

For all its ease and versatility, I don’t really make pasta much. I know it’s a quick weeknight dinner; I know it’s a crowd favorite, etc. etc. But, especially since learning of my tomato allergy (no more tomato sauce!), pasta has been a severely neglected dish in my kitchen. Well, trying this week to make a… 

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Coconut Curry Drunken Clams

Coconut Curry Drunken Clams via StrictlyDelicious

Some of the most delicious recipes are the ones that happen by accident! But let me not get ahead of myself. First, a little background… It all started last year when I first got my results back from my allergy testing. Although I was aghast and highly discouraged to learn that I was allergic to… 

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