Mason Jar Coconut Curry Lentil & Wild Rice Soup Kit

Mason Jar Coconut Curry Lentil & Wild Rice Soup Kit |

A few years ago around this time, probably around the time when I was starting this food blog, I asked my dad what he wanted for Christmas, as usual. He had been following along with my blog posts and was a very encouraging supporter, and he asked me to make him some special homemade gifts… 

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Paleo Creamy Chicken & Cauliflower Rice Soup

Paleo Creamy Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Soup |

I’ve never been one to tolerate cold very well. My beloved college roommate and I lived together for all four years of college, and she could tell you some stories of the times she found me deep in hibernation mode trying to get away from the cold. One of my favorites of our stories together… 

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Easy Jerk Chicken (nightshade free)

Easy Jerk Chicken (paleo & nightshade free) via

I typed up a post for our How To Mondays yesterday but I didn’t really like it, so we’re going to go with a recipe post on a Tuesday instead! And what a post I have for you! Cast iron works magic, I tell you. One of the banes of apartment living is the lack (or… 

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How to Cook Chicken Liver: Crispy Chicken Livers with Rosemary Gravy {gluten-free, AIP, Paleo}

How to Cook Chicken Liver: Crispy Chicken Livers with Rosemary Gravy via

It’s Monday, y’all! That means it’s time for another “How To” post! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but for the past few weeks on Monday we’ve been doing How To and DIY posts. What do you think? Are you diggin’ it? After posting about the nutritional benefits of organ meat last week and how to… 

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Crockpot Pumpkin Chicken Tikka Masala with Cauliflower Rice

We are three days into fall and I am just crazy in love with this season! We’ve had a week of rainy, chilly days and while, two weeks ago I might have been complaining about it, right now this kind of snuggly tea-and-sweater-and-boot-weather is just right up my alley! I’m so excited for creamy hot… 

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Burrito Bowl Mason Jar Salads

Burrito Bowl Mason Jar Salads via StrictlyDelicious

Raise your hand if you like Chipotle (or another tex-mex establishment). Yes, yes, that’s what I thought. Hands going up high all over the world. Oh, boy. Whose hands are those waving madly over there? Good gracious, those people need to calm down. Oh… Wait. Those are my hands. Both of my hands. Yes, I looooove… 

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Caribbean Sticky Rice

Caribbean Sticky Rice via StrictlyDelicious

Every now and then my body gets an aching for Caribbean food. I think it’s my Cuban blood that just needs the bright, spicy flavors and lush, sunny fruits. Or maybe my culinary soul just has the good sense enough to enjoy a good jerk chicken! Whatever the reason, midweek I found myself with a serious craving… 

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