Savory “Garbage” Stuffed Apples

Savory "Garbage" Stuffed Apples |

The day after Thanksgiving is soon coming where you wake up in the morning, still full from the night before, with a refrigerator full of all kinds of Thanksgiving food leftovers that you have no idea what to do with. You’ll open the door and stare, wondering how you’re going to eat all that food… 

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Pumpkin Soup with Thyme, Browned Butter, and Parmesan

Pumpkin Soup with Thyme, Browned Butter, and Parmesan |

Lately I’ve realized that, no matter how many pumpkin recipes are out there this time of year, if you love pumpkin it doesn’t faze you! I think some people think there is a “pumpkin overwhelm” September through November and I often see bloggers apologizing for posting “yet another pumpkin recipe.” But the truth is, people who love… 

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Creamy Baked Cauliflower ‘Mac’ & Cheese

Cauliflower 'Mac' & Cheese via

{Please excuse the photos in this post! I took them all a little late in the evening.} There are a lot of things about this world that will divide people. They’re not always violent divisions, but these things will clearly create differentiation between separate camps of thought. Ice cream vs. froyo. Lebron vs. Kobe. Pepsi vs. Cola…. 

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Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta Salad via StrictlyDelicious

Sooo let me start off by saying, I have no idea what to call this salad! Suggestions are most welcomed! My younger sister (you remember my younger sister, recent college grad, from this post) had her graduation slash housewarming party this weekend, and asked that each of her guests bring a dish. She specifically asked me… 

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Poached Egg over Herb Parmesan “Polenta” with Crispy Bacon Crumbles

Poached Egg over Herb Parm Polenta with Crispy Bacon Crumbles via StrictlyDelicious

For weeks I’ve been ogling polenta recipes that come up in my Pinterest feed. Saucy, savory foods like poached eggs and short ribs are piled on top of creamy or cheesy polenta, and each dish looks like a delicious pile of blended flavors and textures that torments my culinary soul. (Yes, I have a separate soul… 

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