Coffee & Black Pepper Rubbed Tenderloin Roast

Coffee Rubbed Tenderloin |

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about eating beef tenderloin that makes me feel so indulgent and luxurious. Maybe it’s the stigma surrounding “filet mignon,” that it’s a special occasion meat saved for adults, romantic dinners, and candlelight. (Not to mention the price!) Maybe it’s that pretty pink meat that’s butter soft and takes so… 

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Super Savory Sautéed Spinach

Super Savory Sautéed Spinach |

I need to tell you something. (Something else…) For me, 2016 has been the year of leafy green obsession. Every single night I’m sautéing or steaming or chopping up some Brussels sprouts, kale, swiss chard, or spinach. If I don’t get my leafy green fix, I get grumpy and bored until I can stuff some… 

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AIP Chai Tea Concentrate

AIP Chai Tea Concentrate |

For the past five weeks, my new next door neighbors’ tiny, terrified dog has decided that it is his God-given mission to begin howling and whining at 3 o’clock in the morning, and to continue doing so until I leave for work. This dear dog is so committed that he does it nearly every day, be… 

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How to Make Nut-Free Pesto (in 5 minutes)

How to Make Nut-Free Pesto |

I’ve already told you the wonders of my first discovery of nut-free pesto. I still have sweet dreams of that savory, herb-y lamb. But after realizing that the nut-free pesto I bought from the store contained canola oil (inciting my corn allergies), I soon found myself back in a sad, dreary, pesto-less world. But the… 

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Sunbutter Mousse Pie with Chocolate Ganache

Sunbutter Mousse Pie with Chocolate Ganache |

Good-bye precious summer! Who can believe summer is already gone? Somehow I never seem to accomplish the To Do list I make at the beginning of each summer. You know, the one that says I’ll do awesome summery things like: Go on a boat ride Have a picnic Go to the beach (I did do… 

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