Bacon, Swiss Chard, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps

Swiss Chard, Bacon, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps |

Fall is the season for slow braised meats, sauce basted roasts, and butter seared chops. It’s the time when we layer in loose sweaters and chunky scarves, and when we start to care a little bit less about the size of our waistline. I’m guilty as charged. I’ve told you guys once or twice before…… 

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Vegan Roasted Cauliflower & Greens Soup

A filling, velvety green soup that features roasted cauliflower and slow-cooked greens. And it's vegan to boot! via

Mmm… There’s nothing like a thick, creamy, stick-to-your-bones soup on a cold day. Chunky broth based soups are really great and all, but give me a velvety smooth, luxurious soup and you’ve made me a very happy girl. And if that soup just so happens to be vegan, gluten-free, and paleo… Well shoot, I’ll take… 

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10 Paleo Freezer Meals

Slow Cooker Cranberry, Garlic & Herb Brisket |

I think everyone may have a different definition of what “freezer meals” are. I thought freezer meals were pre-prepared, uncooked, one-pot meals that you prepare ahead of time so you can just pop them from the freezer to a slow cooker or baking dish, no extra effort required. But it seems like “freezer meals” is… 

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How to Make Crispy Pork Belly

How to Make Crispy Pork Belly |

I remember the first time I had pork belly. A little bit before I tried it for the first time, my dad and sister enjoyed pork belly at a restaurant they’d gone to when he visited her at college. When they came to visit me the next weekend, my dad tried to explain to me this… 

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Paleo Zucchini Bun Slider Burgers

Paleo Zucchini Bun Slider Burgers |

What is summer’s #1 food? I think most people would respond with conviction: a burger! (Although I recognize a number of you would strongly argue that “ribs” would be a valid answer as well!) With summer about halfway over, I can say I have truly enjoyed my share of burgers this season. Whether I enjoyed… 

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Homemade Garlic Salt

Homemade Garlic Salt |

I’m obsessed with flavored salts. Since I usually season my food very simply, flavored salts give me a secret additional flavor essence that amplifies the taste of whatever I’m cooking. I use my rosemary salt on and in EVERYTHING, and now this homemade garlic salt is subject to the same fate. I put this garlic… 

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Love Your Body Green Juice

Love Your Body Green Juice |

Every now and then you just need to remind your body how much you love it and nourish it deeply with some healthy, energetic GOOD STUFF. And this natural, homemade green juice is indeed THE GOOD STUFF. This detoxifying healthy juice (made in a blender, so no juicer is needed) is cool, hydrating, and deliciously refreshing…. 

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Carob Fudgesicles (paleo, AIP)

Carob Fudgesicles | A paleo and AIP frozen treat! via

You know what? Sometimes life gets hard. I know you know that, but no one really talks about it. So I am. I don’t mean in an “I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” kind of way, but sometimes you get to the “I’m running away to a cave in the mountains for the next… 

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Cuban Sandwich Collard Wraps

Cuban Sandwich Collard Wraps |

Oh my gosh. If there ever were a perfect lunch… These collard wraps are my new favorite lunch. Fresh and delicious, these wraps are delicious right after making and can also be wrapped up with plastic wrap to take for lunch on the go. They’re great with a bag of chips or some homemade plantain… 

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Blueberry Lemon Pie {AIP, paleo} + 1st Bloggaversary

AIP Blueberry Lemon Pie |

I debated whether or not I should celebrate my blog’s anniversary or not. So much so that it took me a month to make the decision! My bloggaversary was actually May 25! As a type-A perfectionist, I recognize that, while I have so much to celebrate that’s happened in this past year, I end up focusing mostly… 

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