10 Recipes to Help You Reset After a Decadent Holiday Season

Swiss Chard, Bacon, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps | StrictlyDelicious.com

The holidays are a time for decadence, and there is absolutely no guilt in that. But many of us make resolutions to make healthier choices in the new year and desire to reorient our bodies back to our normal, nutritious food after indulging over the holidays. And while I’m all for a delicious juice from… 

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Liver Detox Cranberry Beet Juice

Liver Detox Cranberry Beet Juice | StrictlyDelicious.com

You remember that time when 2016 came and you made all kinds of resolutions to eat and be healthier this year? I don’t make new years’ resolutions anymore because I never stick to them, but I did set a goal for myself for myself to try to be healthier and take better care of my… 

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Love Your Body Green Juice

Love Your Body Green Juice | StrictlyDelicious.com

Every now and then you just need to remind your body how much you love it and nourish it deeply with some healthy, energetic GOOD STUFF. And this natural, homemade green juice is indeed THE GOOD STUFF. This detoxifying healthy juice (made in a blender, so no juicer is needed) is cool, hydrating, and deliciously refreshing…. 

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How to Drink More Water: Flavored Sparkling Water Four Ways

How to Drink More Water: Flavored Sparkling Water Four Ways | StrictlyDelicious.com

Eating healthy is so important to me. I know that the kind of food I put into my body is the kind of energy that will come out, so I eat as many healthy, clean, fresh vegetables and pastured meats as possible. (Of course, in the past year this has become a requirement!) But, as I think… 

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How to Make Kombucha: A Beginner’s Guide

Making delicious, probiotic-rich, fizzy kombucha at home is easier than you think! How to Make Kombucha | StrictlyDelicious.com

If you’re not already familiar with the wonderful fermented tea drink that has everyone in a tizzy, you’re probably looking at me and saying, “Kombu-what?!” And I’m looking right back at you and saying, “Kombucha, silly! It’s a delicious, fizzy, probiotic-rich drink that is oh-so-good for your body!” Or, maybe you have heard of it and… 

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{Raw} Vegan Cream of Green Soup

Raw, Vegan Cream of Green Soup via StrictlyDelicious

I don’t mention this very often at all. In fact, although most people close to me know a good amount about my allergies, only one or two know about this. I don’t like to talk about it very much, because I feel like it sounds like I’m complaining. I promise it’s not my intention to… 

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Bright Body Detox Juice (without a juicer)

Bright Body Detox Juice (without a juicer) via StrictlyDelicious

I love Fridays. It’s the last day of the work week and the beginning of a weekend of relaxation. To gear up for my weekend relaxation, I usually spend all day Friday (sometimes even all week) dreaming of what I’ll do Friday evening. But let me explain… Friday evenings are my cheat night. My indulgence night…. 

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