Coffee & Black Pepper Rubbed Tenderloin Roast

Coffee Rubbed Tenderloin |

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about eating beef tenderloin that makes me feel so indulgent and luxurious. Maybe it’s the stigma surrounding “filet mignon,” that it’s a special occasion meat saved for adults, romantic dinners, and candlelight. (Not to mention the price!) Maybe it’s that pretty pink meat that’s butter soft and takes so… 

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Spiced Vanilla Pumpkin Milk Steamer

Spiced Vanilla Pumpkin Milk Steamer |

Humans are creatures of habit. And I am one of the most creature of habit-iest humans out there. My brain forms associations like woah. To my brain, a warm drink means either it’s time to relax and unwind or it’s time to focus and get stuff done. Honestly, although it might not seem so at… 

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Lavender Lemon Infused Honey

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey |

Doesn’t that sound like something super fancy that you would buy at a speciality store and give your mom for Mother’s Day? Instead, you can make it easily at home and make enough for your mother, your grandmother, your best friend, and yourself! And this homemade lavender lemon infused honey is sooo sweet and fragrant and… 

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Cinnamon Coffee Pork Shoulder with Maple Roasted Squash

Cinnamon Coffee Pork Shoulder with Maple Roasted Squash via StrictlyDelicious

As you can see, I’m on a squash kick lately. I just love fall produce, especially winter squashes! They are so versatile and absolutely delicious. And even better, their easy-to-roast-ness makes them perfect for this one-dish meal. I love one-dish meals. And even more than that, I love easy, one-dish meals that are all roasty toasty… 

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