Crimson Frost: A Winter Cocktail

Crimson Frost Cocktail |

Winter’s first snow came in Sunday and this coming weekend we’re due for a real and true snow storm!!! Although I’m carefully making a grocery list of the final essentials I need to stock up on before the storm hits us, I’m pretty excited about this season’s first real Richmond snowstorm! (You know… I’m excited… 

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Vanilla Ginger Pear Champagne Sparkler

Vanilla Ginger Pear Champagne Sparkler |

I hope that you’re having a wonderful Christmas enjoying time with loved ones and cookies and all of the sparkling green, red, and gold things! I’m doing the same, but I just had to get you one more sparkling thing–this sweet and spicy champagne cocktail before Christmas came to a close. I owe it to… 

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Earl Grey “Kahlua”

Earl Grey "Kahlua" | This dark, rich, vanilla-scented liqueur brews earl grey tea instead of coffee for a divine, unique twist on homemade kahlua! via

I’m just going to say the one thing that {quote} adults {unquote} are not supposed to say: I really don’t like coffee! I know I know; I’m (arguably) a grown-up with a college degree, monthly rent, and a car note. I work a 9-5 job every Monday through Friday. “Adults” like me are supposed to survive… 

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10 Summer Drinks for Any Occassion

inger Hibiscus Lemonade |

We are smack dab in the middle of glorious summer, and I know delicious summer beverages are all on your mind. We’re trying to stay hydrated, we’re serving pretty drinks at our evening and weekend hangouts, and we’re putting our feet up on the deck after a long week. We just can’t get enough of… 

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Blueberry Hibiscus Mojitos

Blueberry Hibiscus Mojitos |

Do you have a friend that you may not live near and haven’t seen in a really long time, but you know that your relationship with that person is strong and tangible and intimate, no matter the distance? I have a beautiful friend like that. We met in college after a pageant I competed in, and… 

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Frozen Mojito-ritas

Frozen Mojito-ritas via

Suuuummeeerrrrtiiiiiiiiime! And the livin’ is eeeeaasy…. Yeah, I know it’s not summertime just yet, but here in Richmond, it seems like we get about two weeks of beautiful spring, a month of a world layered heavy in yellow dust (pollen), and then the weather jumps straight to summer and 97 degree days. And since we’re in… 

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Citrus Simple Syrup: Three Ways

How to Make Citrus Simple Syrup: 3 Ways |

I’m a big believer in celebrating absolutely nothing for any reason at all. In my eyes, you never need a special occasion for dressing up, for romance, or for celebration! We’re alive, we’re thoroughly blessed, and every moment should be celebrated! I’m not going to lie, I put this principle into practice on a regular… 

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Rosemary Grapefruit Margaritas

Rosemary Grapefruit Margaritas via StrictlyDelicious

Happy happy happy Thanksgiving from StrictlyDelicious!!! <3 So you’ve got your turkey brining, your side dishes planned, your desserts pre-made, and your appetizers ready. But what about your holiday cocktail? Maybe you want an elegant adult beverage to serve your guests that’s easy to put together and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. Maybe you… 

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Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream (grain-free)

Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream via

Happy Halloween, friends! I know today everyone is excited about dressing up and getting/giving away loads of candy, but I’m already wayyy past that. I have been for weeks! About halfway through October, I started getting that tingly nervous-excited feeling you get before a big date, a performance, or an important sports event. Why? BECAUSE… 

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