Easy Jerk Chicken (nightshade free)

Easy Jerk Chicken (paleo & nightshade free) via StrictlyDelicous.com

I typed up a post for our How To Mondays yesterday but I didn’t really like it, so we’re going to go with a recipe post on a Tuesday instead! And what a post I have for you! Cast iron works magic, I tell you. One of the banes of apartment living is the lack (or… 

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Caribbean Chicken

Caribbean Chicken via StrictlyDelicious

Well that Caribbean Sticky Rice was mighty good! But woman cannot live on rice and cilantro alone! She needs meat! And she mostly needs chicken. A smoky sweet, richly flavored, dark, charred skin chicken to be exact. A girl needs this, I tell you. And she needs little else. To give myself the Caribbean food… 

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Caribbean Sticky Rice

Caribbean Sticky Rice via StrictlyDelicious

Every now and then my body gets an aching for Caribbean food. I think it’s my Cuban blood that just needs the bright, spicy flavors and lush, sunny fruits. Or maybe my culinary soul just has the good sense enough to enjoy a good jerk chicken! Whatever the reason, midweek I found myself with a serious craving… 

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