Love Your Body Green Juice

Love Your Body Green Juice |

Every now and then you just need to remind your body how much you love it and nourish it deeply with some healthy, energetic GOOD STUFF. And this natural, homemade green juice is indeed THE GOOD STUFF. This detoxifying healthy juice (made in a blender, so no juicer is needed) is cool, hydrating, and deliciously refreshing…. 

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Blueberry Basil Blender Lemonade

Blueberry Basil Blender Lemonade via StrictlyDelicious

Ever since I discovered blender lemonade earlier this summer, I have been completely hooked. It’s so crazy easy to make lemonade this way, and it’s some of the best lemonade I’ve ever had! It’s so flavorful and frothy and just all around wonderful. And because it’s made with whole fruit in a blender (as opposed to juiced… 

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Braised Artichoke with Blender Hollandaise

Braised Artichoke with Blender Hollandaise via StrictlyDelicious

At heart, I’m really just a kid in an adult body. Which I’m convinced is the best way to be, because it means I get to color AND drink a glass of wine at the same time. It means I don’t have to ask my parents before using my money to go crazy in a… 

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Healthy Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Healthy Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie via StrictlyDelicious

I wanna tell you about one of the things I learned in college that seriously changed my life. And if you haven’t already learned it, it will hopefully change your life too. It might not seem at first that my story relates to the title of the post, but don’t you worry. I promise it will. During… 

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Vanilla Ginger Blender Lemonade

Vanilla Ginger Blender Lemonade via StrictlyDelicious

I made homemade lemonade for the first time as a part of this year’s Father’s Day dinner, and now I am obsessed with homemade lemonade. I couldn’t believe how fresh and flavorful it was! Everyone kept sneaking into the kitchen while I was cooking to pour tiny glasses of lemonade from the pitcher before dinner. I… 

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Bright Body Detox Juice (without a juicer)

Bright Body Detox Juice (without a juicer) via StrictlyDelicious

I love Fridays. It’s the last day of the work week and the beginning of a weekend of relaxation. To gear up for my weekend relaxation, I usually spend all day Friday (sometimes even all week) dreaming of what I’ll do Friday evening. But let me explain… Friday evenings are my cheat night. My indulgence night…. 

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