Coffee & Black Pepper Rubbed Tenderloin Roast

Coffee Rubbed Tenderloin |

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about eating beef tenderloin that makes me feel so indulgent and luxurious. Maybe it’s the stigma surrounding “filet mignon,” that it’s a special occasion meat saved for adults, romantic dinners, and candlelight. (Not to mention the price!) Maybe it’s that pretty pink meat that’s butter soft and takes so… 

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Simple Strawberry, Cilantro, & Bleu Cheese Salad

Strawberry, Cilantro, & Bleu Cheese Salad via StrictlyDelicious

There is a strange peace about this place. It is subtle; and she only notices it after a good amount of time inside. After waiting and waiting for the familiar panic to set in, she realizes it’s not there. And, for some reason, it has been replaced with an unexpected calm. When she first began… 

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Pasta Cacio e Pepe with Bay Scallops

Pasta Cacio e Pepe with Bay Scallops via StrictlyDelicious

For all its ease and versatility, I don’t really make pasta much. I know it’s a quick weeknight dinner; I know it’s a crowd favorite, etc. etc. But, especially since learning of my tomato allergy (no more tomato sauce!), pasta has been a severely neglected dish in my kitchen. Well, trying this week to make a… 

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