Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail via StrictlyDelicious

Happy Happy New Year, dear friends!

I know, I never post on Tuesdays! But this cocktail is for your New Year’s celebrations and I just had to get it to you in time!

Plus, my dear brother got me these gorgeous cocktail glasses for Christmas, and what better time to break them in than for New Year’s?? Tell me these aren’t the prettiest, most festive cocktail glasses you’ve ever seen….

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail via StrictlyDelicious

I have a pretty set style, and I usually like to keep most things I do the same way. My home decor, my clothing, my jewelry, my events, and even my cooking style (in my opinion) all follow the same style- simple, classic, and elegant. And this New Year’s Eve should be no different!

I’m planning to have a lovely, elegant dinner out with my sister, and then snuggle until midnight with my boyfriend. No active parties or crowds of people for this girl. This is NYE #introvertstyle.

So of course I created a fresh cocktail that fits my idea of a blissful NYE perfectly!

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail via StrictlyDelicious

This light, simple cocktail is a perfect blend of sweet, tart, warm, and refreshing flavors… with just a subtle tickle of festive bubbles.

I love it because not only is it great for your NYE celebrations, it’s not too outrageous or indulgent to enjoy all throughout the new year!

Whether you plan to be out partying or staying simply at home, this light, effervescent cocktail is the perfect way to bring in the new year!

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail via StrictlyDelicious

Obviously, I have a thing for herbs in my cocktails. Nearly every single spirited recipe I’ve posted on this blog includes herbs with my liquor! And this time we’ve got a two-for-one deal going on with the herbs in your cocktail thing. Warming ginger and fresh thyme combine with lemon, tequila, and bubbly water to make a cocktail that makes me dance with every sip.

Even better, I’ve carefully chosen each ingredient with the new year in mind.

Lemon: Lemon, an incredibly versatile citrus, is often used for cleaning and brightening your home. And the new year is when we wipe the slate clean from the previous year and work to become better versions of ourselves in the coming year. Not only that, but this winter fruit is bright and zesty, just like my excitement for the new year!

Ginger: In addition to a zesty, bright spirit in the new year, I am bringing the comforting warmth of my growing friendships, relationships, and increasing faith that God has control of every aspect of my life into the new year. It’s spicy and exciting to work on not being an independent control freak, and instead learn to depend on my growing community and almighty God. But it’s also warm and comforting, just like this wonderful herb.

Fresh thyme: A woody, aromatic herb often used to boost the flavor of other herbs, this simple, warm herb shines in this cocktail when muddled well in acidic lemon juice. It’s a reminder that even the simplest, most unassuming things can become brilliant (and delicious) when they endure a little duress. Also, it’s thyme to bring in the new year and turn over a new leaf!!! (I had to do it…)

Sparkling water: Because what’s a party, even a low-key introvert’s party, without bubbles?!

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail via StrictlyDelicious

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail

Yield: 2-4 servings


  • 1 lemon, squeezed (yields about 2 ounces lemon juice)
  • 6 fresh thyme stalks
  • 2-4 ounces sparkling water (depending on how strong you want your drink)
  • 3-4 ounces ginger simple syrup
  • 4 ounces tequila


  1. Add the lemon juice and thyme to a cocktail shaker. Muddle the thyme very well in the lemon juice until the thyme is wilted and many leaves have come off. (Use the handle of a wooden spatula if you're like me and don't have a muddler.) The lemon juice should be scented with thyme.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and about a half cup of ice. Stir the mixture until all of the ingredients are evenly blended and very cold.
  3. Serve strained into martini glasses or over ice in highball glasses. Toast and enjoy!

Happy New Year, my dearest readers! Thank you sooo much for embarking on this wonderful journey with me this year, and I’m so excited for what 2015 will bring for StrictlyDelicious!!!

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail via StrictlyDelicious