Lavender Lemon Infused Honey

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey |

Doesn’t that sound like something super fancy that you would buy at a speciality store and give your mom for Mother’s Day?

Instead, you can make it easily at home and make enough for your mother, your grandmother, your best friend, and yourself!

And this homemade lavender lemon infused honey is sooo sweet and fragrant and floral and delicious, you will absolutely want to share it with everyone!

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey |

As my decreasing energy levels begin to affect my life more and more, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the factors that contribute to good, quality, restful sleep. And lately I’ve been wondering — does daylight savings time disrupt healthy sleep patterns?

I’ve learned lately how important it is to go to sleep and wake at the same times consistently each day, even on weekends and vacations days. I’d known it for some time, but I’ve finally begun to see the benefits of doing so. In fact, I had begun to get into a beautiful pattern where my body felt rested at a certain time each morning and woke itself up, even if I had gone to bed a little bit later the night before. I didn’t even need my alarm!

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey |

Then daylight savings time happened.

Now, it’s light for longer when I’m trying to wind down before bed, and the daylight is different when I wake up. My body no longer automatically wakes itself up, because the lighting and the day feels different. And when I do wake up, my body feels groggy and disoriented.

Obviously,… this makes me very unhappy.

So it begs the question, what does daylight savings time do for us? And is it possible it’s doing more harm than good?

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey |

Now this is not based on a lot of research, and obviously I have no power about changing daylight savings time or its institution that has been in Western culture for centuries. I can only raise certain questions about it!

But when I’m trying to settle down each night before bed or sufficiently wake myself up in the mornings, I have found that a mug of green or black tea sweetened with this infused honey soothes me right to the place that I need to be.

I love this infused honey. It’s simple, fragrant, and tastes incredible. The zesty lemon balances out the sticky sweet of the honey, and the lavender adds a rich, herby, flowery flavor that really highlights out the natural floral notes in honey. It really takes tea (and warm milk) to the next level!

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey |

So try making this for yourself, your favorite cook or tea lover, or for your mom for Mother’s Day! You’ll love it!

And if you’re wondering about what you can do with your infused honey, here are some ways that I love to use mine!

  • Use it to sweeten black, white, or green tea or coffee
  • Stir it into porridge, oatmeal, or any other breakfast cereal
  • Drizzle it over fruit or yogurt
  • Spread it on toast, pancakes, muffins or croissants
  • Enjoy it with cheese and crackers for a simple and elegant appetizer, dessert, or party snack
  • Use it as a syrup in cocktails
  • Stir it into sparkling water and add a splash of lemon juice to make a delicious homemade soda

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey

Yield: ~1 cup lavender lemon infused honey


  • 1 cup raw honey
  • 2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • zest of one lemon
  • 1 teaspoon dried lavender


  1. Warm the honey in a hot water bath until it is evenly liquified and smooth. Do not overheat the honey or you can end up with crystallized honey or your raw honey will lose its magical healing powers. When the honey has warmed, stir in the fresh lemon juice.
  2. Add the lemon peel and dried lavender to a container with a tight sealing lid. Pour the warmed honey over the lemon peel and lavender. Let it cool.
  3. When the honey has cooled, cover the container with its lid and place it in a cabinet (or other dry, cool place). Let the honey infuse for about 6-7 days, or longer for a stronger flavor.
  4. After the honey has infused, pour it through a mesh strainer to remove the lemon peel and lavender buds. (If necessary, warm the honey again in a hot water bath to make the pouring easier.) Store the infused honey in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

If you'd prefer not to, you don't have to heat the honey, just know that it might be a little bit more difficult to pour and will take longer to infuse.

Lavender Lemon Infused Honey |