How to Spend New Year’s Eve Alone

When you think of New Year’s Eve, you probably think of champagne and glitter, lively parties, and excitedly counting down until midnight when the new year begins.

But how many of us aren’t in for a glitzy NYE? How many of us will be spending the evening by ourselves, whether by choice or by circumstance?

You might be taking some much-needed time to yourself. Or maybe the plans you’d made fell through. Or you might just not have the energy to be around people this time of year.

Regardless of the reason you might find yourself alone on NYE, it can be a beautiful and perfect holiday celebration if that is what you want. And I’ve included some ideas here on how to have a great New Year’s Eve for one!

(And even if you’re not spending the holiday by yourself, these are still great ideas for your NYE!)

1. Make a list of all the wonderful things you did this year.

Congratulate yourself! You were awesome this year! You ate more vegetables, you talked to more people, you accomplished that goal, you learned that new thing, you let go of that toxic relationship, and you worked on healing from past pain.

Our mindset this time of year is looking forward and setting new goals for the days to come. We put our focus on all that we want to do in the coming months. But it is equally important to take a moment to celebrate all that you did do this year! Write it down; look at it; hold it in your hand. Acknowledge the good things that happened. And celebrate them!

2. Set the tone of peace.

When we look forward into the new year, let’s start it on the right foot. Establish a tone of peace in the days or hours before the new year so that you’re setting a habit even before the first few moments of the new year. Try some yoga on new years eve, make an inspiring or soothing playlist, take a long bath, light candles, or diffuse some essential oils (here and here are two of my favorite diffusers). Journal to release anything pent up inside you that needs to be released, or seek forgiveness or closure from a situation that needs resolution.

Regardless of what happened this year, do all that you can to end the year with peace in your heart and start the new year the same way. You can control the attitudes you set for this new year. Choose peace.

3. Do something crafty

We all have creativity in is, and it is healing and rejuvenating to let that out. Maybe your creativity is expressed in solving a difficult problem, fixing something that’s broken, or, I don’t know, cooking a meal. 😉 Maybe you would do better with something creative that requires a little less inspiration, like working on a puzzle, painting a birdhouse, or knitting a scarf. Or maybe you’d like to spend some time and creative energy envisioning how you want this next year to be and you’d like to create a vision board.

However you choose to do it, get that creative energy flowing. Remind yourself that you are a creative being and that you can build things. Creativity helps us to relieve stress, increase brain function, and improve our emotional state, and that is just the position you should be in heading into a new year (in my personal opinion). [1] [2]

4. Order in and indulge.

Have a NYE party for one! Order your favorite pizza… or orange chicken… or chicken parm. Grab your favorite bottle of wine or try any of these fun cocktails! Curl up with a big bag of popcorn or pretzels or some new fancy cheeses. However you want to do it, indulge. Reward yourself for the great things you’ve done this year and revel in the pleasure of doing exactly what you want to do.

Sparkling Lemon Thyme Cocktail via StrictlyDelicious

5. Watch something you actually want to watch, not something you feel obligated to watch.

Along those same lines, if you’re going to be watching something during your new year’s eve celebration, don’t feel like you “should” watch something because of the holiday! I’ve never watched Dick Clark’s NYE on New Year’s Eve, and I don’t intend to watch any show or movie just because it’s holiday-themed.

Instead, watch exactly what you want to watch, something that will make you feel happy or empowered or validated. I’m currently deciding between marathoning the Marvel movies or running through some of my favorite Disney flicks. (Might as well end the year with a seventh re-watch of Moana, right??) Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll genuinely enjoy.

6. Make a healthy choice to set the tone for the new year.

There is no need to wait until January 1st to start your new year’s goals! If you’re making any goal for a healthier new year, start it new year’s eve to bring the new year in with that mindset already in place!

Spend some time at the gym, drink lots of water, try a new vegetable, do some deep stretches, TAKE MORE TIME OFF SOCIAL MEDIA… These are all great goals for your new year that you can start right now. Bring the new year in with the healthiest version of you that you can. And then keep the ball rolling from there!

7. Go to bed early.

Don’t feel like you need to stay up all night to “welcome in the new year.” It will be there when you wake up!

Starting the year fresh and ready to go can be an even better option than tiredly or drunkenly being awake for its first few moments, especially when you might end up spending the majority of the first day of the year recovering! Instead, don’t feel one shred of guilt about turning in early and getting a good night’s sleep. Start the year with a fresh mind, ready to take on all that you plan to accomplish.

8. Make a gift for yourself to open in the middle of the year.

This is one of the things I’m most excited about for my NYE celebration. This new year’s eve, I will write a letter to myself to open up in the middle of next year. It will be a way to encourage myself, to pause and reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far, and to reorient myself to my goals for the rest of the year. It will be a celebration, an incentive, and an inspiration.

In addition to the letter, I have a few treats that will be a little gift to go with my letter. The gift will be a little bottle of an alcohol that I rarely buy, a new nail polish, a couple of face masks, a candle, and some special chocolate. The letter and gift will keep the joy and excitement of the new year going strong into the middle of the year, it will help me to stick better to my resolutions because of the continuity, and it will strengthen my relationship with myself.

If you’re not feeling the idea of making this for yourself, try making something similar for someone you care about. I guarantee they will love it.

On NYE, make a gift for yourself for the middle of the year! |

9. And finally, consider focusing on new year’s day instead of new year’s eve.

Think about changing your salute to the last day of the year to a celebration of the first day of the new year! No fighting bedtimes or exhaustion, worrying about what will happen at midnight, or reminiscing on the events of the year. Instead, look forward on the first day of the year, and spend it enjoying yourself and looking to all you will accomplish.

On my new year’s day I will be ordering pizza, wings, and watching through all the Harry Potter movies for the first time (I know, I know). I will take a bubble bath, and I will brainstorm more content to bring to this blog!

To me, it’s not as important how I end the current year as it is how I start the next one.

What do you plan to do to ring in the new year? 🍾


  1. Jenny says

    Thank you for writing this. Most of my friends are out of town for New year’s but I still would’ve had options for celebrating NYE with someone. Instead I choose just my own company, due to many reasons and I’m perfectly okay with it. Also, I’ve always preferred to party and have fun when it’s my own choice and not when it’s a specific date. Have a lovely New Year 🙂

    • says

      Yes yes yes; I love that! You decide when to celebrate exactly what you want to celebrate 👏 I hope you had a lovely NYE and I wish you a beautiful 2018!!! <3

  2. Cheryl Halsey says

    Thanks you so much. I really needed this. I am hanging out with my dog, ordering in, having some wine, going to complete a vision board for the new year as well as a letter. It is just another day. I should be thankful and proud of myself for all that I accomplished this year. I have made better choices and a healthier person. I do not have any fam. and I am making new friends that I may spend more time in the new year.

    • says

      Cheryl, that is exactly right. Everything you said. Your new year’s eve sounds absolutely idyllic! It is just another day, another day for you to celebrate the awesome person that you are. You’ve done great! And you’re on the path to even more greatness. Here’s to a wonderful 2018!!!

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