Homemade Hibiscus Syrup

I laughed yesterday when I saw this syrup being sold as an expensive product at a specialty cooking store.

Because today, we’re going to learn how to make Hibiscus Syrup at home, so there’s no need to spend a lot of money for a small amount of syrup at a fancy store!

Homemade Hibiscus Syrup via StrictlyDelicious.com
Are you familiar with hibiscus?

Culinary grade hibiscus is actually dried petals from the beautiful hibiscus flower.

The dried petals are brewed like a tea and can be used in a range of cooking applications.

It’s flavor is tart, bright, and citrusy, like if you combined lemon, orange, and cranberries together!

Brewed hibiscus is delicious all year ’round, but because of its flavor, I think it is especially great for summer use!

Homemade Hibiscus Syrup via StrictlyDelicious.com

Best of all, brewed hibiscus is super good for you. It has been used traditionally and in a number of studies to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and to maintain healthy levels when they are reached. It has also been used to support heart health and circulation, and to promote skin health and upper respiratory health. (source)

Hibiscus also has super high levels of anti-oxidants, and helps to prevent chronic inflammation. Last but not least, hibiscus is very high in vitamin C. (source)

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Homemade Hibiscus Syrup via StrictlyDelicious.com

I love the delicious flavor of hibiscus and its gorgeous rich red color, so knowing it’s good for me makes it that much more satisfying!

And the syrup we’re making today is sweetened with all-natural, raw honey, so it’s good for your body and doesn’t use any artificial ingredients.

Everything about this versatile syrup is so good!

Homemade Hibiscus Syrup via StrictlyDelicious.com

How can you use this delicious syrup?

It can be used anywhere you’d use honey or a flavored syrup! My favorite uses are:

  • with sparkling water to make hibiscus soda
  • stirred into lemonade or tea
  • over pancakes and waffles (plantain pancakes for me!)
  • drizzled over ice cream or yogurt and served with fresh berries

Homemade Hibiscus Syrup via StrictlyDelicious.com

Homemade Hibiscus Syrup

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: About 1 cup homemade syrup

Serving Size: ~ 1-2 tablespoons



  1. In a small pot, bring the water to a boil. When it is boiling, remove from heat and stir in the dried hibiscus flowers. Steep for 15-20 minutes.
  2. After 15-20 minutes, stir in the honey and allow the syrup to cool completely. Pour the syrup through a mesh strainer and store in the fridge in a sealed jar for up to 10 days.

How do you plan to use this healthy homemade hibiscus syrup?

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