Finding Your Voice Again

Finding Your Voice Again |

I have felt silenced for a very long time. For a while I felt like some of the people I valued silenced me. Then I felt as though I silenced myself. Then the turmoil of life caused turmoil inside my head that silenced me. Now I feel as though leading powers of government and society are… 

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A Bittersweet Message for my Beloved Readers

Slow Cooker Creamy Orange Fennel Chicken |

Well hello there beautiful person! I’ve missed you!!! Where have I been? Umm… Well… To be honest, I’ve kind of been hiding…. You see, I have some wonderful news. Some beautiful wonderful news that I am over the moon about! I’ve been skipping down the streets and shouting from the rooftops. I am so thankful… 

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12 (More) Snacks for Your Paleo Superbowl

Swiss Chard, Bacon, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps |

For 10 more paleo dishes from 2015’s Superbowl roundup, click here! Guys, I think this season might have made me a Panther’s fan… Now before you jump on my back about being a fair weather fan who just follows a team when they’re doing well or start to convince me why your team is actually the… 

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My Surprise Birthday Vacation to The Clifton Inn

My Surprise Birthday Vacation to The Clifton Inn |

My boyfriend and sister are the sneakiest, plot-tiest, most lying-est people in my life right now. And they are also two of the most glorious, thoughtful, generous, and beloved people in my life right now. A few weeks (or was it months?) ago, my sister asked me what I wanted to do for my 25th… 

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8 Things I’m Thankful I’m Not Allergic To

This weekend was really hard. Most of the time, being able to cook well means that, even though I have so many allergies, I don’t long for the foods I can’t eat. Since what I am eating is so special and delicious already, I don’t usually wish for the (yummy but allergy-illegal) food on other people’s… 

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A Relapse and A New Direction

So, I’ve relapsed. My eczema has returned, and it’s returned with a vengeance. For over a month I have had terrible itching, pain, a foggy brain, and lots of sleepless nights. And after spending quite a bit of time problem solving, I’ve realized that I need to eliminate a new round of foods. Last year, I got blood… 

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Simple Strawberry, Cilantro, & Bleu Cheese Salad

Strawberry, Cilantro, & Bleu Cheese Salad via StrictlyDelicious

There is a strange peace about this place. It is subtle; and she only notices it after a good amount of time inside. After waiting and waiting for the familiar panic to set in, she realizes it’s not there. And, for some reason, it has been replaced with an unexpected calm. When she first began… 

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A New Face for StrictlyDelicious!

My oh my, aren’t I excited! After about a month of planning, purchasing, preparation, and practicing, (and great alliteration) I finally can launch a new look for StrictlyDelicious! Although there is a TON of learning to still occur before I can even begin to relax again, I am sooo excited to be taking StrictlyDelicious to… 

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