Pumpkin Soup with Thyme, Browned Butter, and Parmesan

Pumpkin Soup with Thyme, Browned Butter, and Parmesan | StrictlyDelicious.com

Lately I’ve realized that, no matter how many pumpkin recipes are out there this time of year, if you love pumpkin it doesn’t faze you! I think some people think there is a “pumpkin overwhelm” September through November and I often see bloggers apologizing for posting “yet another pumpkin recipe.” But the truth is, people who love… 

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Creamy Baked Cauliflower ‘Mac’ & Cheese

Cauliflower 'Mac' & Cheese via StrictlyDelicious.com

{Please excuse the photos in this post! I took them all a little late in the evening.} There are a lot of things about this world that will divide people. They’re not always violent divisions, but these things will clearly create differentiation between separate camps of thought. Ice cream vs. froyo. Lebron vs. Kobe. Pepsi vs. Cola…. 

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Roasted Peach Caprese Salad

Roasted Peach Caprese Salad via StrictlyDelicious

Before I learned of my tomato allergy, caprese salads were one of my favorite summer dishes. I loooooved the thick slices of succulent tomatoes and creamy cheese with sweet green basil stuffed in the layers every which way. Ooohhh OH I would eat those babies all summer long, and twice on Sundays. Since moving to Richmond I… 

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Beet & Asparagus Refrigerator Pickles

Beet & Asparagus Refrigerator Pickles via StrictlyDelicious

Although I am a food blogger by night, by day I am an account and project manager for an online marketing company. And let me tell you guys, I work for an amazing company. I love the people that I work with, I love the work that we do, and I love the clients that… 

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Simple Strawberry, Cilantro, & Bleu Cheese Salad

Strawberry, Cilantro, & Bleu Cheese Salad via StrictlyDelicious

There is a strange peace about this place. It is subtle; and she only notices it after a good amount of time inside. After waiting and waiting for the familiar panic to set in, she realizes it’s not there. And, for some reason, it has been replaced with an unexpected calm. When she first began… 

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Braised Artichoke with Blender Hollandaise

Braised Artichoke with Blender Hollandaise via StrictlyDelicious

At heart, I’m really just a kid in an adult body. Which I’m convinced is the best way to be, because it means I get to color AND drink a glass of wine at the same time. It means I don’t have to ask my parents before using my money to go crazy in a… 

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Asiago Cheddar Zucchini Au Gratin

Asiago Cheddar Zucchini Au Gratin via StrictlyDelicious

Alternatively titled “Unbelievably Cheesy Zucchini Au Gratin.” Alternatively titled “Decadent Zucchini Au Gratin that is worth tears of joy.” I might have wept tears of joy when I first tried this. I also might have struggled not to eat the entire pan in one blessed, blessed sitting.

Caribbean Sticky Rice

Caribbean Sticky Rice via StrictlyDelicious

Every now and then my body gets an aching for Caribbean food. I think it’s my Cuban blood that just needs the bright, spicy flavors and lush, sunny fruits. Or maybe my culinary soul just has the good sense enough to enjoy a good jerk chicken! Whatever the reason, midweek I found myself with a serious craving… 

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Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta Salad via StrictlyDelicious

Sooo let me start off by saying, I have no idea what to call this salad! Suggestions are most welcomed! My younger sister (you remember my younger sister, recent college grad, from this post) had her graduation slash housewarming party this weekend, and asked that each of her guests bring a dish. She specifically asked me… 

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Mint Berry Fruit Salad with Ginger Lime Dressing

Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend Alexis! For her surprise birthday cookout last night, her mom asked me to make some kind of salad “for the healthy eaters.” As I was sure pasta and potato salads would already be taken care of, I decided I would make a refreshing fruit salad. Sweet, lush berries and… 

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