10 Recipes to Help You Reset After a Decadent Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for decadence, and there is absolutely no guilt in that. But many of us make resolutions to make healthier choices in the new year and desire to reorient our bodies back to our normal, nutritious food after indulging over the holidays.

And while I’m all for a delicious juice from time to time, I want to say right now, juice fasting is not the way to “get your body back on track.” Instead, try eating healthy, filling, nutritious real foods and lots of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables that will help to cleanse your body, while also giving it the substance that it needs.

Try some of the tasty detox recipes below to kickstart your body into health-mode after a decadent holiday season!

Super Food Mason Jar Salads

Super Food Mason Jar Salads | StrictlyDelicious.com

One of my favorite ever detox recipes is this delicious super food salad topped with tangy blood orange dressing. It uses the best of winter produce – some all-star nutrition ingredients! Beets, sweet potatoes, kale, and Brussels spouts are the main super veggies starring in these salads.

Add roasted chicken breast and a zingy dressing and you have a detox salad that is filling and delicious… and fully transportable (thanks to the mason jars). You all know I love mason jar recipes, and it’s for good daggone reason. This healthy salad, full of some of the best super foods, can be taken on-the-go anywhere!

Liver Detox Cranberry Beet Juice

Liver Detox Cranberry Beet Juice | StrictlyDelicious.com

I am seriously addicted to beet juices, and this sweet and spicy beet juice is one of my absolute favorites. With detox powerhouses like cranberries, beets, grapefruit, and ginger, it’s no wonder I feel so rejuvenated after a glass of this juice! It’s an excellent way to cleanse and fortify my body after a month of indulgent foods.

For more delicious juice recipes, click here!

Winter Greens Salad with Preserved Lemon & Blue Cheese

Winter Greens Salad with Preserved Lemon and Blue Cheese | StrictlyDelicious.com

I make some version of this salad almost every night. I’m not lying. I even served a version of this for Christmas dinner! This salad is so delicious, so textured, so easy to make, and so adaptable! Don’t want to use endive? Thinly sliced cabbage works well here too. Don’t have any preserved lemons? Use lemon zest instead. Don’t like blue cheese? Feta, goat cheese, or parmesan would be just as good. Or just keep it simple and dress these gorgeous greens simply with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper!

We want detox recipes that are super tasty and full of whole, real foods, and this salad more than fits the bill. 😍

Mason Jar “Instant” Ramen Zoodles

Mason Jar Instant Ramen Zoodles | A healthy, gluten-free, delicious to-go lunch via StrictlyDelicious.com

This gluten-free zoodle ramen is one of the most popular recipes on my blog! A healthy, to-go meal that’s chock-full of vegetables, protein-rich chicken, and a flavorful seasoning mixture, this leaves the instant ramen from your college days far behind. Just add water to the pre-assembled jars to make a nutritious take on good old ramen.

Raw Vegan Cream of Greens Soup

Raw, Vegan Cream of Green Soup via StrictlyDelicious

Another StrictlyDelicious blog favorite is this creamy, vegan green soup. Full of vegetables, slightly tangy (thanks to fresh lime), and completely raw, this velvety smooth soup is a great addition to a healthy body reset.

Loving the idea of green soup? Try this Vegan Roasted Cauliflower & Greens Soup too!

Bacon, Swiss Chard, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps

Swiss Chard, Bacon, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps | StrictlyDelicious.com

These low-carb, paleo lettuce wraps are proof that comfort food can also be healthy. A seasonal mixture of roasted butternut squash, sautéed swiss chard, savory ground pork, and crisp bacon wrapped in leaves of butter lettuce makes a satisfying, healthy meal that’s ready in under an hour.

And if you’re not avoiding dairy, try topping these lettuce wraps with crumbled feta cheese or a dallop of plain Greek yogurt (a healthier sour cream swap)!

Coconut Curry Lentil & Wild Rice Soup

Mason Jar Coconut Curry Lentil & Wild Rice Soup Kit | StrictlyDelicious.com

Okay, I promise after this one I’ll be done with the mason jar recipes. 🙈 But I’m so in love with this easy, vegan soup! The soup kits make a great gift, but you can also make a bunch of the jars ahead of time, and when you’re ready for a satisfying healthy meal, just add water and simmer away for less than an hour. Full of warm spices and filling lentils, this coconut curry soup is another great way to blend health and comfort food.

Healthy Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Healthy Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie via StrictlyDelicious

Whether you enjoy it for breakfast or try it for dessert, this naturally sweet smoothie hits the spot any time of day. A nod to one of my favorite romantic food items, this healthy smoothie tastes JUST like chocolate-covered strawberries, but has some additional nutritional powerhouse ingredients to keep you full and hydrated until your next meal.

The yogurt, coconut milk, and chia seeds will give you energy-boosting protein and nutrients, while coconut oil gives you a good serving of healthy fats. The chia seeds will also keep you hydrated and give you a good dose of omega-3s! If you’re looking for something healthy for your sweet tooth, may I offer this on a silver platter?

The Best Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing (or Marinade)

The Best Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing (or Marinade) | StrictlyDelicious.com

I’m just going to keep this simple: 👏 put 👏 this 👏 on 👏 everything.

Veggies, meat, potatoes, ice (just kidding about that last one)… This dressing instantly makes ANYTHING taste one million times better. Grab some vibrant, in-season citrus and make a batch of this dressing to have ready to drizzle over all of your healthy food choices. It really is the perfect condiment.

Flavored Sparkling Water

How to Drink More Water: Flavored Sparkling Water Four Ways | StrictlyDelicious.com

And don’t forget the importance of drinking so much water! If you struggle to enjoy “plain” water, try jazzing it up with fruit-infused sparkling water! These fruit and herb combinations make drinking water so much easier until it becomes something you’ll actually look forward to! They’re also a great replacement if you’re cutting out soda or alcohol, and the combination options are endless!


Moving into a healthy new year and trying to reset after the holidays can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s made easier with delicious, nourishing real food. When seeking health, remember not to go the route of crazy diets or cleanses that deprive our bodies of the nutrients they need. Health is a journey, and hopefully something we’ll be seeking for a long time. Let’s enjoy it together!

What detox foods are you exited to try in the new year?


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