Lamb Chops with Chocolate Red Wine Sauce |

Lamb Chops with Chocolate Red Wine Sauce

I am one of the biggest romantics you will ever meet. I LOVE everything cute, chocolate, and romantic and, naturally, that includes Valentine’s Day! So what a surprise that it’s the week before Valentine’s Day and I’m here with a second recipe that I think is perfect for your Valentine’s Day. 😍 In truth, I’m… 

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Spicy Orange Chocolate Skillet Lava Cake for Two |

Spicy Orange Chocolate Skillet Lava Cake for Two

Whew, that title is a mouthful! But so is this lava cake. A mouthful of deliciousness, and perfect for sharing… Let’s talk about this spicy orange chocolate skillet lava cake for a second. Fudgy, rich chocolate cake. Smooth, sexy, molten chocolate center. Crispy chocolatey edges. All scented with orange, vanilla, cayenne, and sooo much chocolate…. 

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Immune-Boosting Chicken, Bacon, Kale Skillet |

Immune-Boosting Chicken, Bacon, Kale Skillet

One of my favorite things about the way I was brought up is that, in our house, we didn’t often rely on traditional medicine. My parents really valued homeopathic remedies and healing food over medicine, and I can’t remember many times at all that we would take pills or a syrup when we didn’t feel… 

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Easy Weeknight Ramen with ginger green tea broth, kale, and beef tenderloin |

Easy Weeknight Ramen

I. LOVE. RAMEN. Especially when chilly days have come to town… or when snow comes to town… or when a Thursday comes to town…. 😜 All I want is a steaming bowl of ramen soup. So I’ve talked a lot about comfort food this winter. I mean, come on… It’s cold outside, I’m struggling with seasonal… 

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Soft boiled eggs sprinkled with parsley and red & black pepper |

How to Make Soft Boiled Eggs

I’m going to go ahead and get this out of the way now. If you’re not into soft cooked eggs with firm egg whites and jammy yolks that are just perfect for dipping (or dripping), this post is not for you. I’d like to recommend you check out this soup I can’t get enough of… 

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Spicy Three Bean Soup Kits |

Spicy Three Bean Soup Kits

Confession time: I have become obsessed with soup kits since December. Ever since making those Coconut Curry Lentil & Wild Rice soup kits for homemade gifts around the holidays I have been completely in love. I gave some away as Christmas gifts, a few as hostess gifts, and stocked my pantry with a couple of… 

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Tomato Braised Chicken with Chickpeas & Kale |

Tomato Braised Chicken with Chickpeas & Kale

Now this, my friends, is cheap, healthy, delicious comfort food. A can of tomatoes, a can of garbanzo beans, a bunch of kale (or whatever green you can find), and dark meat chicken. This entire recipe cost me less than $10! But the result? Oh, this meal is that filling, stick-to-your-bones, soothing kind of food… 

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A DIY, Natural Face Wash |

An All Natural Skin Care Routine

I’m not very big on new year’s resolutions. But last year, for the first time in a long time, I made just one resolution for 2017: to prioritize hair care and skin care. Throughout the year, I ended up doing just that. I tried a number of different products to improve the health and appearance… 

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Swiss Chard, Bacon, and Roasted Butternut Lettuce Wraps |

10 Recipes to Help You Reset After a Decadent Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for decadence, and there is absolutely no guilt in that. But many of us make resolutions to make healthier choices in the new year and desire to reorient our bodies back to our normal, nutritious food after indulging over the holidays. And while I’m all for a delicious juice from… 

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How to Spend New Year’s Eve Alone

When you think of New Year’s Eve, you probably think of champagne and glitter, lively parties, and excitedly counting down until midnight when the new year begins. But how many of us aren’t in for a glitzy NYE? How many of us will be spending the evening by ourselves, whether by choice or by circumstance?… 

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Immune-Boosting Honey Tonic |

Immune-Boosting Honey Tonic

You all, I am not playing with the sniffles. It’s that exciting time of year where germs are everywhere, our bodies are weakened (or at least they feel weakened?), and everyone is getting sick! I know I’m still young, but this year I have been noticing some dramatic differences with how my body responds to… 

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